Professional Gaslighting Propaganda

Gaslighting Description:


Suddenly the…


4 deceased individuals,

3 retirees,

620 Voluntary Early Out Participants,

someone working for another carrier,

130 flight simulator engineers,

250 Fleet Service Employees on tow teams moving aircraft, and

116 employees not performing deicing

And the kitchen sink to prevent the employees from voting for the Union representation of their choosing

So now that the dual union Association has “Beat Back” the membership demand for a vote on union representation, the smoke screens about change are in the works! We’ve been there, done that, only to get screwed again by industrial unions.

Example: The Local 591 TWU Constitution Convention resolution


For months now TWU International President John Samuelsen has been calling AMFA a “bottom feeding, raiding union” because we the members signed authorization cards to vote to get out the TWU-IAM Association.

This document shows the TWU raided the Air Line Mechanics Union in 1945.

Can you say Hypocrites?

What about that Samuelsen?

Hear Samuelsen for yourselves

Rules for Thee

Not for Me

A little history lesson

Sometime around 1962 O.V. Dell-Femine (Dell), an American Airlines Mechanic, formed a watch dog group of Mechanics that was identifying and reporting corruption within the TWU, these Mechanics were charged with unbecoming conduct of a union member and put in bad standing. …

Meet: Bret Oestreich

AMFA National Director

Education and Experience

2012-present. Southwest Airlines

1996–2012 American Airlines

1994–1996 Precision Aircraft & Engine Services, Denver Jet Center, Centennial Airport, Denver

1990–1994 United States Airforce C-130 Crew Chief- Pope AFB, NC

The duties and responsibilities of the National Director are outlined in Article VI Section 3 of the AMFA Constitution.

Below is an appeal Gary Peterson filed with the NMB with reasons why the TWU-IAM Association should never be our certified representation!

Now he has been trying to dilute the Craft or Class to prevent you from voting to get out of what he once clearly viewed as a negative…

Just a quick update to answer the flood of questions about when will we vote.

On Monday March 15th, 2021 the NMB investigator Josie Bautista’s approved 10 day extension to submit eligibility list challenges expired.

As requested by NMB Investigator Josie Bautista, AMFA National submitted challenges to the company original…


Grass roots AMFA organizing at American Airlines

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