The Next Big TWU Smoke Screen

So now that the dual union Association has “Beat Back” the membership demand for a vote on union representation, the smoke screens about change are in the works! We’ve been there, done that, only to get screwed again by industrial unions.

Example: The Local 591 TWU Constitution Convention resolution

(linked below)

In this resolution TWU 591 Local Executive Board

Admits the following:

2. The TWU membership was promised and denied a vote on the formation of the Association

3. The TWU surrendered their representation certification with the NMB

4. Association has led to internal strife, inflamed lack of trust in the union, and drove a stake in the heart of TWU Union democracy

Then they request a membership referendum to dissolve the Association.

What they must not know is unless the IAM agrees to dissolve the Association, a membership referendum is nothing more than a waste of time and money!

Read the Resolution Below

Unless the IAM agrees to dissolve the Association this resolution in a meaningless smoke screen!

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